Egara tenjin
This shrine was built in 1180 by Yoritomo Minamotono, and was strongly venerated from the Kamakura shogunate after that. Even after the Kamakura shogunate goes to ruin, this shrine was protected by each political power of Ashikaga, Hojo, Toyotomi, and Tokugawa, and continues till modern times. This shrine deifies Michizane Sugawara(God of study) and is crowded with many examinee and relatives in a taking-an-examination season. A success of taking an examination is entrusted to many votive pictures, hung in the precincts of the shrine. Many worshippers visit this shrine also as God which helps an honest person and those who try hard.

Take the Keikyu bus bound for "Daitou-no-miya" from JR Kamakura station for 5 minutes.
Walk from Tenjin-mae for 1 minute.
Opening hours: AM8:30-PM4:30
Entrance fee: free