- who is the founder of the Nichiren sect (one of the Kamakura Buddhism), founded Ankokuron-ji in 1253. Nichiren wrote and petitioned the policy proposal document to the Kamakura shogunate here. However, since the contents of writing were too excessive, anger of Tokiyori Hojo who was regency of those days was incurred and Nichiren was sentenced to deportation to Izu as a result. There remains a cave in the precincts of a temple, in which Nichiren took refuge temporarily when Nichiren was set on fire from other religions. You can see the sea and Mt. Fuji well from Fujimidai along which Nichiren also passed.

Walk along the Wakamiya main street from JR Kamakura station east gate to south.
Turn at the crossing of Geba in the direction of Zushi, and walk along it about 1km.
Total on foot 15 minutes.
Opening hours: AM9-PM5
Entrance fee: 100 yen